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The Starving Society

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The sites still under construction I just started it last night. Its in bad shape at the moment, but gimme some time and I'll have everything working right for you. The pages I'd like to have are all ana/mia inspired...lyrics, poems/quotes, pictures, and whatever else you'd like to see here.
This is my site but it's motivated towards helping you lose the pounds or get help to recover. This is not a pro or anti ana site. These are things I enjoy reading and viewing. If it so happends that you share my interest I think thats great. I realize there are some people that do have a problem and need help. Ill do what I can to point you in the right direction. I will in no way tell you, "ana is life or your not too skinny there's no so thing." There is such a thing and people do have problems with this. Until I see that I have a problem.....
Welcome to my site.


What's New?

August 27, started working on the site
August 28, published site!!
-although its not ready I hope everyone will help with this site.

-hunger hurts, but starving works- anonymous