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These are some of the poems I wrote. I will continue writing and posting them here. Please if you repost my poems to your site include a link back to here to credit me. Thankyou

"untitled" Aug 27
by: Janie Lynn*
pretty girl
your looking thin
bones are showing
once again
how much are you eating
Is there something i can do
have you ate a thing
you havent have you
your killing yourself for a dream
your not meant to have
with skin and bones alone
your dream won't last

"In the Mirror" july 26, 2006
by: Janie Lynn*

Little girl your looking thin
Let mommy fix you dinner
There's no meat on your bones
You can't possibly get thinner

But mommy you don't know
How wrong you just really are
Theres no gap between my thighs
And my hipbones dont stick out far

Little girl you listen here
Tonight you'll eat your meal
No more arguements now
It doesnt matter how you feel

Mommy you dont understand
If I can only make it clearer
I'm getting fatter no matter what
It's all in the mirror

Litter girl who is telling you these lies
Your as skinny as a rail
But You can't see that in your eyes
Im afraid I'll break you, your so frail

Mommy these aren't lies
ANA is my best friend
She's helped me through it all
And she'll be there til the end

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-hunger hurts, but starving works- anonymous