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The Starving Society

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Here are some links to some other sites that are helpful. Alot of sites that I look at are xanga sites. You may need an account there to view some of these.

This is my xanga site.

Only ANA or RECOVERY that are orginals will go here. You may send me the link to your site to my email & I will consider putting the link here. (HINT you have to have a really crappy site to not get put here so just try and you'll more than likely see you link here) I will email you back saying whether or not your site was accepted as a link.


ana related links will go here.


Male Bulimia Treatment
Supportive, caring environment. Request a free consultation today!
Anorexia Help For Girls
Treatment Programs For Anorexia. Nation's Leading Treatment Center.
Casa de Lago Residential Program
Residential treatment program for adolescent females ages 12-17. Recovery for teen issues including anorexia, bulimia, trauma, and compulsive overeating.
Anorexia Residential Treatment Center
New life centers is the premier eating disorder treatment center for anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Treatment options include residential treatment, day programs, and out patient therapy.

-hunger hurts, but starving works- anonymous